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Bethlehem Public Library
Bethlehem, New Hampshire

The existing library for the Town of Bethlehem was located in 1,200 square feet of space inside the Town Hall. Children’s programs, DVD’s, historic reference materials and current volumes were all stored in the space severely limiting the ability to provide the services needed. Upon receiving an endowment from a community member with close ties to the existing library, Trustees began the selection process for an architect to design their new facility.

The result of our collaboration with the Library is located on the site of the historic Maplehurst Hotel (later the Chase Tennis Camp) along route 302 in Bethlehem. EHDanson designed the space to take  advantage of the topography and natural lighting available. The 4,800 square foot building houses all of the programs and functions as well as expanded stack space, a private reading room, children’s area, kitchenette and community space. The membership has expanded dramatically since the opening of the facility.

The design of the exterior of the building emulates many of the building features located in the community. The thermal envelope is extremely tight which has reduced operating costs for the town in spite of the four-fold increase in the size of the facility.

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