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Falls General Store
Northfield Falls, Vermont

Northfield Falls General Store, formerly Neun’s IGA was originally a country store which sold and delivered grain and purchased groceries in bulk from wholesalers. Butter, lard, peanut butter and pickles came in large tubs; sugar, flour, molasses, vinegar, crackers, in barrels; tea in 80 pound chests, coffee in 100 pound bags. All such produce had to be measured out and weighed as it was sold.

This store is located in the Cross Block built in 1892 by Albert S. Cross. The building was continuously operated as a general store until it’s closing in April 2010. The store was then purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Rooney who were determined to restore the building to its original design and provide a much needed service to the community.

The structure required reinforcement, the wiring, lighting, plumbing and finishes were all replaced. The windows, which had long since been diminished and covered over, were all restored to their original sizes and locations. The exterior walls were reinsulated to provide an energy efficient and comfortable environment.

A new state of the art kitchen and bakery were installed. Through feedback from their customers, the shelves were stocked with local, organic and healthy food products.

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Mr. and Mrs. Rooney

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