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Management Philosophy
We are small enough to provide personalized service, yet large enough to handle the various complexities and deadlines of a large project. As Principal, Mr. Ward is typically involved with the major aspects of each project, however, in an effort to provide you with daily, consistent personal communication and oversight, we assign a project manager to your project. Effective communication is a key element in a project’s success. We make every effort to maintain the lines of communication through the use of email, telephone, fax and written reports.

Track Record
Our designs illustrate our commitment to good practice and to working within the budget and schedule limitations. We strive to provide the most complete set of construction documents possible to avoid additional costs during the construction process.

Design Philosophy

We strive to achieve three classic goals: highest quality constructed for the lowest cost in the shortest time frame. First costs are always reviewed with the long term operational benefits and features as well as maintenance costs.

Our objective is to assist our clients in establishing a clearly defined and realistic program based on the project goals, schedule and budget. Once established we strive to arrive at clearly defined, feasible and affordable solutions that achieve the goals of our clients.